In January of 2009 I shared a family recipe that has been passed on from my great-grandmother, to my mom and then on to me and my 4 siblings. I created an illustrated version of the banana bread recipe to share with my family and had it printed on tea towels for Christmas gifts a few years ago.

I have now updated the image and created a square version and portrait version to share as a gift for you!

Banana Bread
I use a 16×4 long loaf pan by Wilton as a “Pullman Loaf Pan”

I printed one and put it in an 8×10 frame for my kitchen, so I can easily access the recipe when we need a little comfort.

In hard times like these, slowing down and getting back to the basics like baking seems like a perfect thing to do.

You can download both versions for free to use for personal use:

Square Banana Bread Recipe
Square Version
Portrait Version