A mama and baby elk decided to visit us the morning we left the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. In fact, the mama came right up for a drink while Nancy and Erin were washing their hands at the sink outside the bathrooms. She decided to rip down the flyer for preserving water before getting her nose in the sink. Nancy made sure to stand clear.

Elk Cow and Calf

We absolutely had to get the suspension in our towing vehicle fixed, so we made arrangements to skip our next destination and head directly to St. George where we would find a Toyota dealer and one of our best friends in the world, Kelli.

Given that she works at home and we didn’t want to get in her hair, we planned to camp in Snow Canyon against Erin’s protests of “I want to get in her hair!”. But best friends don’t let you camp in temperatures of 105 and Kelli insisted we spend the week with her and her fiance, Kevin. In her extreme lethargy, Erin breathed a sigh of relief and proceeded to pass out on the couch.

The views on this trip have been beyond our Florida east coast comprehension and the ride out of the Grand Canyon did not disappoint. We even spotted an antelope standing as a lone sentinel on top of a hill. Epic!