I’m having a good time working on the 100 Photos photography project. It’s giving me something to focus on when I pick up my camera. There is a new little widget on the sidebar that has the latest posts from my 100 Photos blog. You can click on the link “Emerald Lane :: 100 PHOTOS” on the left to see what I’m up to.  There is a Flickr Group for other 100 Photo Projects as well- check it out!

Yesterday, the kids and I spent the morning raking.  It was an amazing day, with clear blue skies and warm temps.  We started with long sleeves and gradually peeled off the layers as we raked.  The fun of raking wore off quickly for the kids, so they found other things to keep themselves occupied.  Erin decided her toy car needed to be washed, she ended up in her bathing suit playing with bubbles.  The boys decided that tree climbing was more fun.  I ran around – making lunch, helping Erin out with her car washing project, raking more leaves and helping out the boys when they needed a push to the next branch.  It was a good day to be outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Today it’s stormy, with thunder and lightning and plenty of rain.  Perfect for movies and resting and catching up on blogging.