I had to crawl around on my hands and knees to get these pictures of Erin in one of the new tops I made her.  I’m sure if one of the neighbors was walking by, they would think I’m a nut.  But, I was bound to finally capture a picture to share with you.  She was not willing to part with her blankie at one point, but then she left the blankie for a pair of sandals to wear on her hands.  That’s her new thing.  She likes to wear shoes on her hands and crawl around.  It’s very helpful when she’s crawling in the grass.

The fabric for the top came from this local shop.  I just love the color combinations, they are different than most ready-made clothes you can find in the stores.  The pattern is by Simplicity and I made little bloomers to go with the top, but I put her in jeans today so she could crawl on the porch and not mess up her new bloomers.

There is another top that is still in the works.  I actually finished it and then decided to take it apart and start over because I didn’t like how it turned out.  I’m waiting to get back into my sewing room to finish it up, maybe this Saturday I’ll be able to hide up there for a bit.

Have a great weekend!