So, I am proclaiming myself the worst blogger out there.  I have been on the computer for the past 3 days working on web designs for my dear husband, I’ve browsed a few blogs and I’ve found that others have written and I’m just a few days behind.  I understand if everyone has abandoned me and decided to stop checking back, that’s really not my inspiration, or is it?  Well, it is nice to know that people actually read this thing!

02.09.2007.LaborDayAtTheBeach 072

The past few days have been a blur.  I’ve had my head wrapped in web design and it’s fun.  Almost too much fun.  When I get into something, I can’t stop until it’s finished.  I think you know that about me when it comes to sewing, well it’s across the board for sure.  We had a marathon movie day today, with the rain and my obsession with design today and all.  Neeless to say the children, especially Sean, were very enthusiatic about the “rain day”.

02.09.2007.LaborDayAtTheBeach 069

I almost forgot to let you all in on my “field trip” last Friday.  Jay and I, minus the children, headed out to the city for a meeting with my former employer about computer stuff.  It was great seeing him and some of my co-workers from back in the day, which I realized was 7 years ago.  Wow!  Things have changed since then around the office more employees, a new layout and a great new website.

02.09.2007.LaborDayAtTheBeach 102

The pictures have nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to share them.  They are from Labor Day Weekend, which was also Jay’s Birthday weekend by the way.  We had a great time and I hope to be able to end every summer wih a trip to our favorite place.

::For those of you who check back often, thanks for coming by and for being patient with a Mama who is trying to find some balance in her crazy days.