Ian and I were talking one morning at breakfast about what we wanted to plant in our Spring Garden this year.  Ian decided that he wanted to plant chocolate chips and went on to say, “they were for a chocolate chip cookie tree garden!”  That little discussion, spurred an idea!  After breakfast, with the dishes still on the table, we started our book.  Ian was the illustrator and I was the actual writer, since he doesn’t write yet and he helped me with some of the words.  It’s about a little boy named Ian and his family and how he planted chocolate chips and grew Chocolate Chip Cookie Trees!  Does that sound familiar?  It’s not original or even well written, but it gave us something to do, that we were excited about!  Maybe, I was more excited than he was, he lost interest after he was done drawing and I had to finish writing it.  We did learn how a book was laid out, the title page and where the author/illustrators name is.  Later that day we made chocolate chip cookies to go with our book.  We didn’t plant any chocolate chips though, we needed them all for our cookies and some to snack on while baking!

Other Spring book ideas/themes:

:: Sunflowers - plant sunflowers in pot or in the yard (they grow quickly, fun to watch)

:: Frogs – collect tadpoles from local pond in a jar to watch them change!

:: Pizza Herb Garden – plant all the herbs for pizza in a pot or in the yard and then make a pizza!