Day 5. Destination Albuquerque, NM

Jay and Mallory at Torchy's

Thursday morning we had to stop at the Home Depot in Austin to pick up the generator we had ordered back home. This gave us the opportunity to see Mallory one more time and also enjoy some “damn good tacos” at Torchy’s.

Torchy's in Austin, TX

It turns out the road trip to Albuquerque was our longest planned day of driving on the entire trip. It finally began around noon and by 6pm we were still a good 8-10 hours away. Erin was suffering the whole way so shortly after dinner we decided to bail on Albuquerque as well as our plans to bivouac at a Flying J and instead started calling for hotel reservations a few hours out in Clovis, NM.

Clovis turned out to be almost completely sold out due to a race that weekend, but we found a suite available at the Holiday Inn, so we booked it and eventually arrived around 10pm, with everyone pretty much crashing in bed immediately upon arrival. Erin was crazy happy to have a bed and air conditioning.

The Henrys at Torchy's

Day 4. McKinney Falls, Austin

Erin’s health did not improve overnight, but Mallory came through with several recommendations for doctors from her “mom friends”, so Erin and I headed out to a doctor with walk-in hours. After an examination and some preliminary lab work, she prescribed Erin antibiotics.

A high-school friend of Nancy came to visit us with her family from Dallas. McKinney Falls has a nice swimming area below the lower falls, so we spent a couple hours there before dinner. Sean enjoyed jumping from the rocks into the water repeatedly as well as struggling to hold onto the rock wall behind the falls as he made his way across and they pounded down on his shoulders. Even Ian jumped from the rocks a few times!

Unfortunately Erin ended up spending most of the day sleeping in the camper. We were hoping those antibiotics would kick in quickly.

Day 3. Destination Austin, Texas

We left the New Orleans RV park really early, heading west. The Louisiana I-10 corridor seemed to consist mostly of bayou and bumpy bridges. I suspected maybe there was something wrong with the SUV, and tried shifting weight toward the tow hitch as recommended online and also changed the shock absorbing system from “comfort” to “sport”, which did seem to help. More on that later.

Erin was still very sick and the bumping around was not helping at all. We would have to go to the doctor or hospital if she wasn’t better by morning.

We made it to Austin in late afternoon. After setting up camp at McKinney Falls State Park and taking showers we headed out to town to visit Mallory at Black’s Barbecue. Dinner was really good and seeing my cousin again after ten years was even better. The kids thought she was really cool.texasborderbw