Sewing Inspiration

This past weekend I was inspired to start sewing again, after browsing the internet for christmas gift ideas.

Anyway, I started sewing on Friday and I stopped on Sunday at 12am, which was officially Monday morning. I assure you I didn’t sew non-stop, but I completed 8 pillows and two tote bags. The first bag is not worthy of the internet, but I’ll share the other.

I call it a Toille’ Tote, it’s 14x12x4 and it’s made out of a black/cream toille’ canvas, lined with red gingham and includes 4 pockets.

I want to add some type of closure at the top, maybe a magnetic one or a red ribbon tie. Must go tend to the little ones and start our day!

New nesting boxes

This is an old picture, but I wanted try and post one anyway. Ian is standing next to the new nesting boxes Jay built for the chickens.

We had to retire the old ones, sorry Paul, and we found this design online.

The chickens seem to like them and use them if they don’t sneak into the rest of the barn and lay somewhere else.


Here it goes

Thought I would set up a blog just for fun. Hey, I just learned abou blogs this year and I found out they have been around for 5 years. Who knew?