Little Henry Boy's Preschool

Here is a picture of my boys doing their “school lesson”. We talked about David and Goliath and Ian was working on gluing cotton balls on paper for sheep and Sean was coloring and playing with sissors, yes I said sissors, safe ones I assure you. ttfn

A Pirates Life for Me!

While sitting outside with my two boys, Ian 2-1/2 and Sean 14 months, I notice them on top of a plastic slide/house holding sticks high in the air. Ian is singing “Yo, ho, ho a pirate’s life for me” while Sean hums along, waving his stick above his head, mimicking older brother’s every move.

There are sticks everywhere! We have lots of them, they are guns, swords, spears, weed wackerers (as Ian calls them), shovels, planes and so on. On a typical day, we have a large collection of sticks outside on the porch waiting for a little boy to pick them up and bring them back to life.

Did I mention that Ian is a naked pirate? Yes, he is going bare bottom around the house and outside to help promote proper use of the plumbing fixture we call a potty! This technique seems to be working. Progress has been made with little effort and a few accidents. Oh, what a great day it will be when we no longer have to change an almost 3 year olds dirty, dirty diaper!