Fall in Florida

wild mushrooms by you.

summer meets fall by you.

fall foliage by you.

Wildflower by you.

Little signs of a new season are starting to arrive late in September.  Some leaves are changing and a nice cool-er breeze is making is possible to be outside in the morning and late afternoon.

We’ve planted another box garden next to the first one with onions, carrots, spinach and lettuce. The first box has been growing well, but we’ve been fighting off some worms.  Jay has sprayed with pesticide and has now resorted to bagging the watermelons to keep the bugs out.

Melon Worm? by you.

:: melon worm we found in a small watermelon

Beach Week

Birthday Boy by you.

We spent the last week of July at the beach, which is just about our favorite place to be as a family.  The kids went crazy for the water and dug giant holes in the sand and loved the fact that there were two televisions in the condo, imagine that. During that week, we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and Sean’s 5th birthday.  He was so very excited to turn 5.  He is now old enough for the “big kid” side of the YMCA’s kid zone (which he’s been waiting a year for) and he recently learned to ride his bike with only 2 wheels- he is big stuff now!

The Boardwalk by you.

Jay and I enjoyed a few nights to ourselves and then the rest of the week with the kids and 2 babysitters to give us some time here and there for solo walks on the beach.  I can’t imagine a better place to retreat to than those white sandy beaches of St. Augustine!

The 3 Little People by you.