Black + White Lap Quilt {front}

Black + White Quilt {front}, originally uploaded by emerald lane.

I’ve been working away at this quilt since the Christmas holiday. I’m almost done quilting the layers together. I’m using my machine to create concentric rectangles inside the white rectangles. I’m not sure if I’m going to quilt on the black fabric or not. What do you think? Will it work if I don’t? I’m pretty sure I’ll use the black fabric for the binding.

I really want to try free-motion quilting next. I found this blog that has a great video tutorial on free-motion quilting. There are actually many tutorials on this blog that I will be referring to during my quilt making. Quilting is something I’ve wanted to do, but just haven’t made the time for. I hope to make a few this year.

take-along TOTE tutorial


I am excited to bring you my very first tutorial.  I have always wanted to write one, but just have never taken the time to do it.  It really wasn’t that hard and once I got started I really enjoyed it.

This tutorial is for the cute little travel bags in my last post that I made for Sean and Erin.  If you want to make one of your own, check out the tutorial here.

If the directions are clear enough and you are able to complete one, please share a photo of your completed project with me and I’ll post it to Flickr.

Since this is my first tutorial, I’m sure there are many edits that need to be made.  So, please  let me know if  I need to change anything to make it more clear.


Travel BAGS

crayon/coloring book bag by you.

crayon/coloring book bag by you.

When I have to take all three kiddos out and about I’m always stuffing things into a catch-all bag and running out the door.  I throw in some pads of paper and a bag of colored pencils for the times we have to wait when we are out.  I end up carrying a very heavy bag because it also contains a snack or two and probably a few water bottles.

I kept thinking about making these handy bags that were just their size and a possible pencil roll with individual slots for their pencils.

I managed to carve out some time in the sewing room and came up with this design.  A simple rectangle perfect for a coloring book or two with short handles, pockets one side for stickers and crayon/marker slots on the other side.

Now, they can carry their own bag and have something to keep their little hands and minds busy.

marker/coloring book bag by you.