Squam 2016

Fall Squam 2014

I’m heading back to Squam Lake this week. My first trip was in 2011. At the time, I traveled with my good friend Eva. We both had dreamed of attending Squam Art Workshops and I thought it was never going to happen.  We made the leap and signed up. It was magical.

This marks my 5th trip and I am bringing along another good friend, Marceline. She has always wanted to attend and I know she is going to love it and be so inspired by the community of amazing women and the the natural surroundings. My wish is that her soul is filled to the brim with creativity and gratitude.

Morning Yoga Flow

I’m excited to announce that you can practice yoga with me at home. I have many friends that live far from me and even ones that are local, that are unable to make it to a class in person. Through the encouragement from those friends, I have decided to start filming some short yoga flows so we can practice together.

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The Ladder

need: 1 Dumbbell (M: 25-40, W: 12-20)

20  – Dumbbell Swings*

30 – Burpees*

40 – Snatches*

50 – Sit-ups *

60 – Jumping Jacks*

*run 1 lap after each exercise