Thursday morning we had to stop at the Home Depot in Austin to pick up the generator we had ordered back home. This gave us the opportunity to see Mallory one more time and also enjoy some “damn good tacos” at Torchy’s.

Torchy's in Austin, TX

It turns out the road trip to Albuquerque was our longest planned day of driving on the entire trip. It finally began around noon and by 6pm we were still a good 8-10 hours away. Erin was suffering the whole way so shortly after dinner we decided to bail on Albuquerque as well as our plans to bivouac at a Flying J and instead started calling for hotel reservations a few hours out in Clovis, NM.

Clovis turned out to be almost completely sold out due to a race that weekend, but we found a suite available at the Holiday Inn, so we booked it and eventually arrived around 10pm, with everyone pretty much crashing in bed immediately upon arrival. Erin was crazy happy to have a bed and air conditioning.

The Henrys at Torchy's