Day 3. Destination Austin, Texas

We left the New Orleans RV park really early, heading west. The Louisiana I-10 corridor seemed to consist mostly of bayou and bumpy bridges. I suspected maybe there was something wrong with the SUV, and tried shifting weight toward the tow hitch as recommended online and also changed the shock absorbing system from “comfort” to “sport”, which did seem to help. More on that later.

Erin was still very sick and the bumping around was not helping at all. We would have to go to the doctor or hospital if she wasn’t better by morning.

We made it to Austin in late afternoon. After setting up camp at McKinney Falls State Park and taking showers we headed out to town to visit Mallory at Black’s Barbecue. Dinner was really good and seeing my cousin again after ten years was even better. The kids thought she was really cool.texasborderbw

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