Preparations had been ongoing for months for our EPIC cross-country trip. Never mind that three weeks prior to leaving I broke my right ankle, or that a few days before leaving Erin came down with a nasty stomach virus, or that the SUV we are using to pull the camper needed a new water pump the day before we left. All that is now behind us — well, I’m still in a boot and Erin is still in pain, but never mind — we are off! First stop, New Orleans!

After 12 hours of stopping, I mean, driving, we arrived at the RV park where we would be staying on the coast of Lake Pontchartrain. We were a bit nervous driving down the road leading to the park as it was very industrial with rusted out buildings along the waterfront. In fact, the resort turned out to be newly built and really quite nice with palm trees and hibiscus in abundance.

Setup of the camp site was quick and easy, but Erin had suffered along the ride, so as soon as the bed was down she went right to sleep. Nancy, Sean, and I headed over to check out the pool and Jacuzzi. After a couple of drinks and some late night Taco Bell, we all settled down to a good night’s sleep.

Leaving Middleburg