my paintings have been hanging around waiting for me to finish them up or decide if they are finished. i think it’s a combination of things that has kept me from working on them; the end of the painting class hence the end of accountability, a fear of messing up and a  loss of playfulness in the painting process because i have to make hard decisions at this point.

thanks to my studio partner, i picked up my brushes again and finished up one canvas and worked on my others.

as i’m writing this post i am remembering a few things i learned in Flora’s class. have fun and play while painting and in life, they go together. don’t take it too seriously, it’s just paint. you can paint another layer.

ahhh, breathe.

canvas no. 1

::canvas no.1, still working on the bottom and deciding if i want to add more elements.

canvas no.2

::canvas no.2