canvas no. 1 :: final

Annie is finished! She has crazy eyes, but I like them. I think they make her look more like the squirrel girl that she is. Her basket is filled with acorns. I was going to add patterned wallpaper behind her, but lost my steam. I’m happy with the overall painting!

canvas no. 2 :: final

I got lazy and finished this painting with a black pen brush. I was losing interest in this one at the end. I think I would prefer to do this type of design on the computer instead of painting. Too detailed for he brush for me. I like the design and think it would be a cool fabric design as well!

canvas no. 3 :: final

I added simple lines and a slight shadow to create depth to the leaves, that’s it and it’s done!

Here is my comment in our class environment about what I learned in this class:

I really enjoyed this class! I took an oil painting class in college and working with acrylics is so different.
Here are a few things I’m taking away:
1. gathering inspiration and taping it to a wall really helped me nail down what colors I love and what my style is.
2. using washy layers is a must, stay loose and go over the painting many times and work up to the fine details.
3. i was able to work out what type of subject matter would work for me in painting.

This time around, I took course I this past summer, I feel like I will keep painting. My goal is to always have a painting going on my easel!

Thanks for a great class Mati + Lisa!