cooling off
we’ve been adding to our summer fun list, a.k.a. let’s figure out what to do so we don’t die of boredom in this incredible heat. the other morning we discovered the bubbles and supplies we had hidden on the front porch. had a little fun with those, which led to the idea to get out the hose and wash the cars. a hose and a bucket full of soapy water, what more could a kid ask for?  as for me, i love that i can disguise cleaning as fun! the cars get clean, we stay cool and have fun outside. triple bonus!
cooling off

cooling off

Here’s our summer fun list so far:

  • making homemade ice cream in a bag and eating it
  • having pinecone wars on the pond in the canoe and sailboat with the cousins
  • bubbles on the porch
  • washing the cars
  • making popsicles, checking every 5 minutes to see if they are ready, then eating them
  • planting seeds
  • eating watermelon on the porch
  • watching things grow
  • boogie boarding at the beach
  • watching the sunrise at the beach
over the labor day weekend, we celebrated jay’s birthday at the beach, had a mini-family reunion with his aunt, uncle and cousins. we also met a new henry, baby elizabeth who is only 5 weeks old. she was baptized and we were able to share in the celebration. we added more to our summer list and connected with more cousins, it was a good time.
there are only 2 weeks left of summer and the official start of fall. i wonder has many more things we can add to our list?