“Napada handicrafts employs women from this low-income community enabling them to better the lives of their families while forming community with Christians and learning the truths of God. Some of the women had low paying jobs and some had no work opportunities whatsoever prior to becoming a part of Napada. Napada provides a creative outlet for these women while seeing them come to know and love how they are a part of God’s great creation and plan.”    { photo & text credit: Napada Website}

This ministry speaks to me in two ways, it gives women an alternative and gives them a practical skill in a safe environment.  The practical skill of sewing is of course dear to me and I just love these bags.  Overall, it’s a tangible ministry I believe we can support easily.

If you live in the area and are interested in supporting this ministry, you can see a range of bag designs in a variety of colors and patterns in person.  There are also, small zippered pouches.  Let me know and you can come by and see them. You can also visit the website here to see a sample of the bags available and read the whole story.

Edit: If you are local, Napada bags are now available at the Sweetgum Tree.