crayon/coloring book bag by you.

crayon/coloring book bag by you.

When I have to take all three kiddos out and about I’m always stuffing things into a catch-all bag and running out the door.  I throw in some pads of paper and a bag of colored pencils for the times we have to wait when we are out.  I end up carrying a very heavy bag because it also contains a snack or two and probably a few water bottles.

I kept thinking about making these handy bags that were just their size and a possible pencil roll with individual slots for their pencils.

I managed to carve out some time in the sewing room and came up with this design.  A simple rectangle perfect for a coloring book or two with short handles, pockets one side for stickers and crayon/marker slots on the other side.

Now, they can carry their own bag and have something to keep their little hands and minds busy.

marker/coloring book bag by you.