the little silhouette in the new header above  is an eastern bluebird.  because of the time of day and lighting, i was unable to get a shot that showed off his beautiful coloring.  i do like the silhouette and find it interesting that it looks flat, almost 2-D.

Painting the box by you.

after i captured the photo of our little bluebird friend, these guys built a bluebird house with their Opa.  a special project to introduce them to Opa’s Workshop.  he is a master carpenter; at least in my eyes and i’m so very excited that he wanted to share some of his knowledge and expertise with my boys.

DSC_0076 by you.

we’ve noticed the bluebird around here for a few years now.  so a box was just what we needed to make him feel at home.

Adding some design by you.

according to Ian, it needed to be painted.  so we headed to the local home store and he picked out a nice “bluebird blue”.  at my suggestion, they added some bright colors on top of the blue with fun designs.  not sure if the bluebirds will like their new home, but it just might scare off any predators.