Self Portrait by you.

Since I started blogging, my love for taking pictures has increased by a million percent.  I take pictures almost daily of the children, our projects in the kitchen, outside and around the house.  For me, photos are a way to document not only memories but a way to journal our life.  It is much easier for me to capture a photo of the moment than to write about it.  I have never been a writer.  I am visual, thus the many pictures and very few words.    

In order to take my pictures to the next level.  You know, in order for them to look way better and to be able to actually get a shot of a bird or say a child running through the yard.  I needed to upgrade from a point and shoot to a digital SLR.

I picked this camera.  Yahoo!  Yep, a new tool for keeping track of all we do.  I’ve saved up my pennies and waited for this new little beauty and boy is she a beauty!  It was like Christmas today and I was 5 again and so very excited when that Fed Ex man rang the doorbell.  I about peed my pants, okay maybe that’s an exageration.  She’s all setup and over 100 pictures have been taken and uploaded and touched up.  

So far, I love her.  She is lightweight and easy to set up.  I don’t know what half or even most of the buttons do, but I can’t wait to find out!  

There is an amazing woman that has shared some photography tools on her blog, which make editing photos in Photoshop really fun for a beginner like me.  I spent some time with my new photos and this is what I came up with:

Flying High by you.

Jay by you.

Thinking by you.

Sean by you.

Erin by you.

Silly Faces by you.