As Jay and I were planning our month this past week, we decided we were long overdue for a camping trip.  The last time we went camping was the September before Erin was born.  

There is a great state park about an hour northeast of us called Hanna Park.  It has campgrounds, hiking and biking trails, many playgrounds and the most important part, a beach. 

Lovely view from campground by you.

We planned on two nights, but decided that the firts night would be too cold and opted to drive up on Saturday and spend one night instead.  The weather cooperated and we had a gorgeous day and perfect night with a full moon, not sure if it was a true full moon, would have to look that up.  Overall, it was comfortable to be outside and in a tent. 

Our time at the beach was fun and relaxing.  The kids are so free there to play, run and dig.  Erin likes the sand the most and loves to chase the birds.  The boys favorite is the water.  Jay even managed to get in the water, even though he said it was too cold for him.  I saw him running in and going under before all was said and done.

Live Oak

That all sounds nice right?  Our time did not go without some STRESS–trying to get there without directions, MESS–black dirt at the campsite, and FIGHTING–yes we all get mad at eachother.  At the time, all that seemed to really matter, but I’m sure we’ll just remember the fun stuff–the excitement of planning, getting there, setting up, riding bikes, builing a fire, running on the beach, and settling in under the sleeping bag.  Next time, we’ll be more relaxed, I’m sure and more prepared for the unexpected; like bringing directions.