01.22.09 Collection by you.

I’m not the collecting type.  Usually I have a bag by the door with unused items ready to go out the door.  I don’t like clutter and having children that love clutter and lots of little toys has stretched me for sure. 

Over and over I have read about nature tables and collecting your finds from your daily nature walks and displaying them.  I really loved this idea, I just didn’t have a place for it and it seemed sort of messy.  I also didn’t think our yard/woods were that interesting, until I came across this photo.

While we were outside this week, I started gathering and the boys added a few things.  They stayed on the sidelines pretending they were super heroes.  Once we all came inside, I suggested we arrange our finds, but they weren’t interested and ran back outside. 

So, I was left on my own to arrange my nature collection.  I enjoyed it.  I am going to try to make this a weekly project and see if anyone joins in on the fun!

More photos here.