Setting Free

Our first butterfly experience, thanks to Grammie, was such fun. We received the mason jar with a screen top, on August 27th, with the chrysalis already inside. We knew that it would take around 10-15 days for the butterfly to emerge, so we waited and checked and waited and checked again. This morning, Ian checked and he called me over very excited and told me, “There’s a butterfly in here!” We weren’t expecting it so soon; I believe it took 9 days total.


Last week on an early morning trip to the store for coffee, out again, we picked up some plants to make a butterfly garden. Ian had a big part in selecting the flowers, loading them into the cart, then in and out of the car. By the time we planted, I was on my own, but it was fun for us all to get out early before the heat set in and enjoy some of the outdoors for a change. Today, we let the butterfly go in our newly planted butterfly garden and it dried it’s wings until it was ready for it’s first flight. I didn’t plan to study butterflies, it just sort of happened. Once we were given the chrysalis, then we checked out books, rented movies, and planted the flowers. It’s a nice feeling when things just fall into place and we learn when the opportunity comes to us.