Watermelon Juice

Public school started this week and we celebrated by going swimming.  No rushing to get breakfast, get dressed and in the car by 8am.  Just threw on our suits and into the pool next door for a morning swim.

We did read these books by Ezra Jack Keats, which is school for us:

Our library has a great book that we checked out which has a collection of Keats’ books compiled together.  The illustrations and stories are classic.  He uses watercolor and collage to illustrate his stories that are set in the city, which captivate both the boys and gives us plenty to talk about.

This unit study gave us the idea to make doggy treats for our fine furry friend, Huckleberry, after we read Whistle for Willie. I’m trying to get Ian excited about the artwork and get him interested in copying the techniques, but he keeps asking me why we have to learn about Peter and his dog Willie.  Not sure he really understands the concept of a Unity Study.  Anyway, we have time to figure all this out.

Based on the weather, Summer is still here and we plan on swimming until the water is too cold, which won’t be anytime soon, since the water thermometer reads 90 degrees.  Because we have spent so much time in the pool, both boys are now swimming independently, aka: without  swimmies.  Sean is braving the slide and the diving board; no fear for these Henry Boys.  Oh and little sister loves the water, she’s crawling all around the house, sitting herself up, pulling up on her knees and loves to watch her brothers joust in the house.  I need to get a picture of Sean riding this little stuffed lamb, that he pretends is his horse.  It is quite funny!  I’ll stop bragging now.  Anyone else have any new summer accomplishments?

I’m overdue for an update on the new business.  But, it will have to wait until the next post; it’s late and I must close my eyes.