Retro Bag

Yes, I’m well aware of the fact that I haven’t posted anything I’ve sewn in quite some time. I’ve just been avoiding mentioning it in hopes you all would not mind my lack of motivation to sew. Yes, the blog is a little heavy on the family side lately, but that’s just what I’ve had time for. I do want this blog to be a blend of our life as a family, outdoor living and craft. I can’t promise that I’m back to my old crafting self, but I’m hoping that I can work it into my schedule more so that I don’t lose the desire or the ability.

I have done a little sewing during this dry spell, not the fun kind though. Just the kind that I have to do, the kind that supports my fabric buying habit. It is a neccessary thing, don’t get me wrong. Though, I do enjoy the times when I get to sew for myself the most. The times when fabric meets inspiration and all the planets are aligned. (Okay, I threw the planet thing in there.) Really, it’s when the baby is napping, the boys are watching PBS Kids and I need some sewing therapy.

Retro Wristlet

I used this great piece of fabric that I got from a dear friend for my birthday, along with some other crafty goodies that I am hording for future use. It’s a vintage, retro barkcloth with some of my favorite colors. Don’t you just love the designs; the floral with the geometric lines and shapes. I used a houndstooth fabric for the lining, the closure on the bag and strap on the wristlet. The bag has a snap closure and I added a fun rectangular detail thingy (not sure what it’s called at this moment) because I thought it was cool looking and I threw it in there. The wristlet (love that word) fits perfectly in the retro bag and holds my change purse, checkbook and keys, just right to grab and go when I need to make a mad dash for the store.

Ahh, it’s a nice feeling to have created. It should get me through the weekend.