Make Way for Ducklings


While we were exploring outside yesterday, we noticed something different about the duck nest.  The eggs were cracked open and they looked very dry.  There was no sign of the mother duck or the chicks, so we assumed the nest had been raided by a raccoon.  An hour later, Jay discovered six ducklings near the nest in a little huddle.  In an attempt to protect the ducklings, as we thought they had been abandoned by their mother, we gathered them up and put them in the barn. 

While I was walking back to the house with the boys, Ian and I heard more peeping and found six more ducklings in a huddle, 12 ducklings total!  Soon after we had found all the ducklings, the mother started looking for her chicks and calling them.  So it was back to the barn for the ducklings and then we reunited them with their mother, much better.  It was a happy reunion!  As the mother called for her chicks, they scurried towards her and huddled up under her.  She then lead them to the pond where they spent a happy afternoon swimming, diving, and resting on the bank. View a movie clip.

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