Do you know what a duck egg tastes like?  Well, it tastes alot like a chicken egg, it’s just a little bigger.  We discovered two eggs near the pond yesterday and had to try them out.  We tried one over easy and the other scrambled and there really was no difference to a chicken egg.  Now it’s a matter of finding the eggs, since the ducks live outside without a pen or house and they don’t have nesting boxes.

Also, I just updated the shop with some baby items, accessory sets and a couple of bags.  This will be the last update for a while, not that I’ve added anything in forever.  and I will not be taking custom orders either, for obvious reasons.  Baby reasons you know!

It’s down to 3 weeks until Baby Erin is expected to arrive and I’m doing alright.  All the shopping is complete, the wrapping is almost done and the cards are in the mail.  The Christmas cookies are nearly gone and a new batch will be in the works tomorrow for sure.

I hope all is well with everyone as you all get ready for the holidays!