The house is back to normal and some sense of order has been restored after a football team sized group of boys tore through the house on Thanksgiving Day!  We really enjoyed ourselves and the boy’s had a blast having all those boys to play with.  Jay’s parents are of course here in town, but all his siblings are out of town and don’t usually come home for Thanksgiving.  Both of us are from families with 5 children and we just didn’t think it was right not to have a large crowd for Thanksgiving.  So, we invited friends over that didn’t have family in town.  The food was so, so yummy, especially the pies.  I had an obscene dessert plate with a sampling of each pie on it.  I did share it with Jay and Ian though.  It just seemed wrong to eat that much! 

Tomorrow we will have another Thanksgiving, or as I call it, Moshergiving at my parents house.  All my siblings will be there with their children and it will most likely prove to be a large gathering as well.  I can’t wait to have some more pumpkin pie, my favorite and some chocolate pie, also my favorite, oh and sweet potatoe casserole.  Well all of it is my favorite! 

I can’t forget to mention that our fall is finally here and we have been enjoying some exceptional weather this weekend.  Blue skies, sunshine and a cool breeze.  Our trees are even turning red, yellow and orange!