Well, here in North Florida we are having a few cold days. Today was no exception. We made our way over to the library for story time and a little Valentine’s Day inspired craft. After that Sean had his 18 month check-up without the shots, because they did not have his shot records, that somehow did not make it over from the last doctor’s office. I know I had them transferred, but that’s just how it goes, another trip to the doctor it will be. After of course I call the other doctor again to transfer the paperwork, but first I must sign a release form, mail it back and then they will send it right out. Then I can check, Sean’s 18 month check-up off my list. Whew!

Since it was so cold out today we stayed inside and had a little fun with drums!

As you all know I have been doing a little crafting lately. I have the following to make for my little business; 3 slings (one is complete) and 2 lambies, but I found this really cute pattern online while lurking on this particular,blog. It is for a cute kitty and it was free so I had to try it. All other crafting stopped until I could finish this kitty. I started one out of some scrap fabric, but it did not make it to completion, she was just too sad to finish. So I started over and finished this one in spurts of craftiness until she was done!